No overcrowding
 Overcrowding equates to overgrazing and higher rate of exposure to parasites. By limiting the number of horses in our stables and pastures, and through other practices, we attempt to minimize the exposure to parasites and other transmitted diseases, while ensuring the pastures are not overgrazed, thus providing a healthier pasture for your horse.

Monthly Fee Schedule:

  • Self-Care $205.00
  • Self Care (hay included) $270.00
  • Full Board $485.00 
  • Stall Cleaning $45.00
  • Feeding $45.00

Daily Fee Schedule:

  • ​Self-Care $10.00
  • Self-Care (hay and stall cleaning included) $15.00


Stall with Turnout Pen

There are 11 stalls averaging 12' X 12' with run-out pen. All stalls have water and electricity, are covered and well ventilated. There are automatic waterers and feed boxes in each stall.

Hay is included in your boarding fee ($270.00). However, scheduled feedings ($35.00) and supplemental feed may be available at an additional cost, depending on type of feed and the frequency of feeding, i.e. once or twice a day. Also it is understood that we all have very busy lives, and for those times when schedules are conflicting and you are unable to come by and tend to you horse, let us know and we will be happy to feed your horse as an occasional courtesy at no extra cost.  

        Boarding Fees start at: $205.00 

Includes: use of riding arena, round pen, horse walker , and pasture time

Please see Monthly and Daily fee schedules for other available options bellow 

Pasture Turn-out.

Your horse will be turned-out in one of our 5 pastures for the day, that may be shared with up to 5 other horses at any give time. Your horse will have access to fresh water throughout the day. There is a pasture rotation, that is a part of our pasture maintenance, which allows us to clean, mow and rake the pasture regularly, and serves as a resting period for the pasture to regenerate and minimize overgrazing. 

All horses must have a current Negative Coggins Test  prior arrival