Emma Smith

Emma, from domanaturaltraining.com is an accomplished rider, instructor and trainer with an extensive background in equestrian studies. She started riding at the age of five, and has been trained in various, such as Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Cutting, Western Pleasure. Emma also enjoys working with green horses. She has worked with many breeds, such as Quarter Horses, Tennessee Walking Horses, Missouri Fox Trotters, Paso Finos, Warmbloods, and Off-Track Thoroughbreds. She dedicates her studies into finding better communication between horse and rider, and strives for a partnership in which both dance together with grace and beauty.

Today you will find Emma at Duck'N STables teaching, training and mentoring people from all ages, from the young to the not so young. So, whether you are just wanting to know what is like to ride a horse, a starting beginner or an advanced rider, why don't you join us at Duck'N Stables for a riding lesson, tune-up or mentorship.

No tack?  No worries,  bring what you have or use our tack.

No Horse? We have some lesson horses, and horses for lease upon request; or bring your own horse for a tune-up, but remember, all horses coming to the stables must have a current negative Coggins test..

You can come in for 1 hour of discovery, tune-up, or you can sign up for a lesson series.

Private lesson start at $45.00 per rider/hour.

Semi-private $35.00 per rider/hour.

Date Night 

Want to organize something really special for your date? Why not take her/him horseback riding? We will provide you with an hour of fun and challenging horseback riding games that are sure to bring you two closer. Make sure you bring food and drinks, after your ride, your date and you can enjoy dinner on the picnic benches at our beautiful property. We’ll even provide the flowers. 

Something Special in Mind?

You can also turn the Date Night into Girls Night Out, a Birthday Ride or a Father and Son Ride. Talk to us, what ever your idea is, we’ll make the day extra special.    .  

Date night for two people is $45.00 per person/hour.   

Relaxation on Horseback

Stressed out by your job? Love riding but a bit scared of horses? Wish you could be less anxious about that thing that keeps bothering you? We offer relaxation classes on a horse. It’s a cross between, yoga, gymnastics and meditation, but with the added benefits of being on horseback, outdoors in the sun!  

Try it out! It’s only $50.00 per session/lesson

Click here to sign-up now!

Riding Lessons & Training