Thank you for your interest!

Sorry, but we are currently reaching full to capacity. So if you would like to board your horse(s) with us, please contact us so we can place you in our waiting list if stalls are not available,  and we'll contact you as soon as stall(s) become available.

Roping, Riding and Barrel Racing Arena. The arena is available for rent to the  public.  All events must be scheduled a month in advance.

Contact us at:


956 341-3416 or 202-3516

Here at the Duck'N Stables, like you, we see our horses as part of our family, and when you become part of our stables you also become part of the family. Duck'N Stables makes safety and welfare of your horse the top priority, and you can rest assured that your horse will never be crowded for the sake of profit .


                                              Why Us?

While there are many boarding facilities providing similar services, Not all come with benefits. There are many benefits associated with boarding with us, for example: 1- Your horse is not crowded, thus minimizing exposure to transmitable parasites and competition for forage; 2- through the implementation of our pasture management plan we intent to provide your horse with year round pasture with the highest total digestive nutrition (TDN) possible in order to minimize the need for nutritional supplements; 3- we provide an environment that is conducive to the development of horse-rider relationship; and 4- Family is always welcomed.  

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Your Horse's Safety and Welfare are Our Top Priorities!